"Beyond a business, a community of people"

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    Who are we?

    Highcube Container Homes is a young and innovative company currently developing an expertise in building container-homes, container-cottages and other modified container structures. It was originally created to become the financial engine of a group initiative called the Symbiotic Labs (2015), a project which joins a multidisciplinary team, with the aim of contributing to the development of food, energy, and living self-sufficiency.

    For the past years, the founders of the company have spent countless hours and energy, in close collaboration with talented designers, on making the most intelligent and efficient small living space possible. Though not exclusive to tiny homes and small living spaces, the company’s philosophy encourages the establishment of more affordable homes and hopes cities and municipalities will recognize this growing need for such habitats and facilitate their integration to the current planning. The first model units built allowed them to experiment and further develop an original product which optimizes the use of space and is beautifully designed.

    Highcube Container Homes has created a strong business network as well as local and international sales perspectives. In 2017, the company, then known as Modern Shacks, made quite an impression at the Montreal Home Expo, and has since then developed a fast growing following online. Everything is being put in place to position the company as an expert in highly efficient prefabricated homes in the coming years. Highcube Container Homes is now ready to take the world by storm.

  • Why use shipping containers?

    Through their research and development, Highcube Container Homes has confirmed the infinite potential and structural integrity of shipping containers. Their self-supporting and almost indestructible exterior steel frame structure, allows the container-homes to be mobile, stackable and perfectly suited to withstand extreme weather conditions like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. With Mother Nature becoming more and more temperamental every year, the need for this type of building is growing rapidly and Highcube Container Homes aspires to be one of the main players of this emerging market.

    The company's initial goal is to offer an affordable and minimalist living solution for individuals, couples of all ages, small families, anyone in search of their dream home. Statistics show that, in the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the population’s interest towards smaller and less expensive homes. Highcube Container Homes arrives at a perfect time with its innovative homes, in a fast developing market.

  • Beyond a business, a community of people

    In order to attract a wide range of people as potential employees, Highcube Container Homes plans to offer a complete experience, by integrating stimulating activities and flexible schedules to the work environment. Inspired by the traditional Native communal and sharing philosophy, linked with self-sufficiency, health and a good relationship with the Environment, Highcube Container Homes aspire to create various opportunities available to all their future employees.

    Through the management of container-greenhouses, communal gardens, on-site solar and/or wind power plants, geothermal heating and cooling installations, employees will be able to learn how to provide energy and food for a small community, as well as directly benefiting from it at work.. With a system of rotating shifts, everyone would get a chance to learn how to build container-homes, as well as acquire knowledge and skills going beyond their construction work requirements. A gym, recreational areas, daycare, yoga and even meditation classes are a few examples of what Highcube Container Homes believe contributes to a balanced and healthy life, which in turn optimizes productivity and ensures a friendly work environment.

  • Founders

    Patrick Sauvé, Co-founder / VP Business

    Patrick Sauvé is a man of vision and innovative ideas. He knows how to promote ideas using the latest marketing tools available. He studied communications and has worked as a creator, a director, as well as a producer, in both the Music, and Video (Publicity, TV, Cinema) industries for more than 20 years. Parallel to his knowledge and experience in those fields, Patrick is a leader, a well-organized project manager, and prides himself in being able to deliver quality products, while respecting the set deadlines of each project he gets involved in.

    Being a “hands-on kind of guy”, Patrick made sure to be directly involved in the construction process of the initial phase of development in order to understand every aspect of the project. With the help of his business partners, he has acquired new skills and now has a good overview of what is needed to make this new business a success.

    As a man connected to the world, the planet, and its human struggles, he sincerely hopes to contribute to making humanity better through intelligent design and affordable lodging, using technology, equal sharing of the available resources, and the help of highly intelligent, wise and sensitive collaborators.

    Alain Gauthier, Co-founder / VP Technologies

    Alain Gauthier is an interdisciplinary consultant with deep knowledge of physics, biology, computer programming and automation. His fields of expertise have allowed him to contribute to the progress of many projects within several research teams as well as private businesses.

    Being a biophysics specialist, Alain is particularly interested in the automation of greenhouse production, how communities can become independent from energy grid consumption, and he is currently developing processes that would have minimal ecological footprints on the environment, while building eco-friendly living spaces.

    In parallel, Alain comes from a long line of skilled construction specialists and has learned from a young age the basics of various applied trades like carpentry, welding and such likes.   

    All these elements combined makes him an ideal asset for the company and contributes directly to the advancement of Highcube Container Homes.