"The vision of an eco-neighborhood by Highcube Container Homes does not pretend to be perfectly aligned with the personal visions of all the supporters of this way of life. It's our vision, no more."

In our opinion, certain elements would ideally be found within an eco-responsible neighborhood, and here is the list :

  • Borrowing and minimal disturbance of the environment in place during the construction and installation of housing units.
  • Natural landscape using the local flora already in place.
  • Absence or minimal presence of peat and therefore lawn mowing (reduction of noise pollution and positive impact on air quality).
  • Convenience stores.
  • Renewable energies (solar, geothermal, etc.).
  • Small farms and community gardens.
  • Hydroponics controlled.
  • Collective compost.
  • Recycling and waste management mandatory.
  • Developed walking paths.
  • Roads and parking lots with electric terminals without asphalt.

St-Zénon (Lanaudière)

Ferland & Boilleau (Saguenay)