• H-ICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit)

  • Highcube Container Homes is a company specialized in developing and building shipping container structures of all kinds, from residential, commercial and industrial units to recreational buildings like hunting and fishing cabins.

    Our expertise is now one of the best on the market and their team aims to push the boundaries of design and engineering while ultimately bringing about a new era of affordable, durable and ideally self-sufficient dwellings and workspaces.

    In response to our current world pandemic crisis, Ottawa’s Bruce M Firestone (B Eng (Civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc broker, Ottawa Senators founder, Real Estate Investment and Business coach) and Mark Redner from Breaking Limits got in touch with us in order to join the current Canadian and American effort in containing the virus and hopefully reducing risks to the vulnerable members of our communities. By adapting preexistent small living and commercial structure concepts (Highcube’s bunkers and office trailers) they have designed two new unit types to serve as mobile ICUs and isolation shelters. 

    Directly inspired by the designs recently proposed by the International open source collective curapods.org, these units are designed to complement and support hospitals, other medical facilities, as well as residential homes. 

    In collaboration with Highcube’s current, as well as potential new suppliers, it is our sincere hope to be able to provide safe, easy to clean, stackable/connectable container units that are simple and quick to produce.

    In hopes of collaborating and contributing to saving lives.

  • BRIEF DESCRIPTION (both units)

    • Names : H-ICU and H-ISO.
    • Built from either 20 feet long x 8 feet large shipping containers. We strongly recommend prioritizing the 20 feet over bigger containers since they are easy to transport and maneuver when being installed on location. 
    • Both H-ICU and H-ISO are built as individual units but could also combine many through the use of flexible connecting tunnels and allow the containers to create a fully integrated medical hub by stacking or linking them together.
    • Insulated with a special ceramic paint giving R19 per coat. A second coat could be applied if the weather conditions of the local destination should require it.
    • Internal wood structure with power washable PVC panels on top for walls and ceiling as well as easy clean vinyl flooring.
    • Plumbing, electric cabling, electrical outlets and LED lighting included.


    • Ready to connect to medical equipment needed to provide care for the COVID-19 afflicted patients
    • Negative pressure environment
    • High pressure water cleaning equipment
    • Ideally partly solar powered (LED lighting and small energy consumption equipment) and connectable to electric or gas generators


    • Single to double extendable bed
    • Mini kitchen area and foldable dining table
    • Small bathroom with shower and toilet
    • Internet connectivity
    • Wall mounted tv

  • H-ISO (Mobile Isolation Shelter)